Since our wedding, a few people have requested to read/have a copy of our vows. Which is, in itself, a humbling and encouraging request, since this is just about the most-important, daunting, and meaningful thing we’ve ever written. We wrote these vows together and chose to say the same words to each other as a shared commitment to the covenant we made to each other and to live(s) lived in pursuit of Jesus, the Gospel, and His Kingdom - now together.

I, Alida Christine Oegema, take you, Nicholas Jordan Thomas, to be my Husband.
I, Nicholas Jordan Thomas, take you, Alida Christine Oegema, to be my Wife.

Today we step into something much bigger than ourselves.
We step into the covenant of marriage rooted in the extravagant and unending love of God.
And we commit to loving each other only because He has first loved us.

He is our Foundation,
our Anchor,
and our Refuge.

He is our majestic King.
Our generous Father.
And He alone is our Hope and our Salvation.

I recognize that I cannot love you fully in and of myself,
and that in my own limitations and sin,
I will fail you and I will disappoint you.

But I vow today, in the presence of God and in the company of our family and friends,
to always look to Christ:
the One who is Love,
the One who shows us what love looks like,
and the One whose Spirit equips us to Love.

I commit to pursuing the heart of the Father ahead of all else - for He is our life.

You are my love and my best friend
but You are not my first love.
And I am not the one who will satisfy you.

I am not your joy.
Your contentment is not found in me.
It is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

He is your joy,
He is your contentment,
He is your peace.
In all instances, look to Him.

I promise, with you,
to anchor our lives in His sufficiency
To root our lives in the Gospel
To rejoice - in all situations and contexts, with or without you, in His faithfulness.

I commit to living our lives in obedience and surrender to His steadfast love
and in pursuit of His mission -
wherever He leads us.

Knowing that all we are and have is credit the generosity of Christ,
I vow to intentionally choose community,
and to prioritize care for the poor & the marginalized.
I vow to pursue justice with you, even when that’s uncomfortable, inconvenient or costly.
and to partner together in the reconciliation and restoration of the Gospel.

From this day forward, I choose you - and you only.
Forsaking all others, I commit myself to you,
all that I am - my body, mind, and my heart.

I vow that for better or for worse,
in abundance & lack,
in failure & success,
calm & stress,
agreement & conflict,
sickness & health,
that I will walk in the Lord alongside you,
love you,
and support you.

I commit, with the grace of God, to pursue your interests and heart ahead of my own.
I promise to prioritize you,
champion you,
cherish you,
and pray for and with you.

I promise to remind you of your true identity:
and you, my love,
are His cherished son (daughter),
a co-heir with Christ of the eternal promises of God,
washed and healed and sustained by the blood of Christ
alive in His joy and His salvation.
You are set-apart to know and love Him
and in you He is well pleased.

I commit to respecting you,
to listening to you,
to encouraging you,
and to having compassion for you as we grow into who God created us to be.

I promise to meet you, just as God has continually met me, with mercy over judgement.
And, as Christ has forgiven me, to freely extend forgiveness to you.

I vow to dream with you,
celebrate with you,
laugh with you,
worship with you,
take risks with you,
pursue whimsy with you,
rest with you,
comfort you,
and cry with you no matter what life brings.

For you are my love - today, and for as long as we both shall live.